The a pseudonym for a disquised Dual named Nightshade Cariad. After using it for a while he gets more used to everyone calling him it, and continues

Ekrin's true form, a dual Eastern screech owl and Bobcat.

to legally go by Ekrin favoring only his personal friends fondly referring to him as otherwise. Ekrin Mev means silver and small/little respectively in Modern Faunijan. He lives in Jurstati. He is about 16 years old.

Interests & SkillsEdit

Ekrin mostly loves and appreciates the individuals around him. While appearing quiet and softspoken around unfamiliar eps he is actually best described as an extrovert. bluh bluh bluh bluh needa write more here

Ekrin also became increasingly enamored of extinct fauna, particularly dinosaurs, while residing in Faunija. And one of his prized possessions is a book illustrating late maniraptorans including Archaeopteryx.

Personality & RelationshipsEdit

Ekrin is closest to Anethra and Willow-Wisp but frequently accompanies Litora and Canna as well in addition to his school friends Ojo and Mali.

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